Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christmas pictures!

Pictures with Santa! A.J. was not happy with Santa holding him so Dillon took him and he was just fine as you can see!

Stephen and the boys. A.J. woke up pretty unhappy from a nap and was pretty upset I stuck a camera in his face.

Boys laying out milk and cookies for Santa! They put reindeer food outside too!

Cookie thief!!!

Our white Christmas! We had plans to meet my family after our candelight service at church. We were stuck in traffic for so long that we finally turned around and just had dinner at one of the only resturants open.

The boys always get one gift to open on Christmas Eve. It is always a book and pj's! This year everyone got Texas pj's. They were happy!

Santa came!

I think the kids were pretty happy and had a wonderful Christmas!

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