Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Surgery day for A.J.

Back in October we noticed a small lump in A.J.'s throat. It looked just like an adam's apple. We took him to the doctor and she ordered blood test and an MRI. That all was pretty scary but the blood test came back quickly and normal! We had his MRI a few weeks later and he was diagnosed with a thryoglossal duct cyst. We were told he would be just fine but would need surgery to remove it. It was growing so we chose to have it removed sooner rather than later.

A.J. had his surgery on Feb. 15th. We were really dreading this but overall it went well.
A.J. looking for things to get into while waiting on the anesthesiologist.
You can kind of see the thyroglossal duct cyst in this picture.

After "silly juice" and mama not ready to hand him over. The silly juice is a sedative so he doesn't realize he is being taken form mom and dad. It worked really well.
The surgery took about an hour. It was shorter than we expected so that was nice! When he woke up he was hysterical! He was screaming so loud and for a LONG time! His blood pressure was high and it was obvious that he was stressed. He was in pain but we believe the reaction was more from the anesthesia. First they tried to calm him down with Loratab. That failed. Then they ordered him morphine. The first dose did nothing. So they gave another. The poor boy crashed and slept a few hours. I really think he just needed to seep off the anesthesia. I hate that he was given so many drugs.
Once he woke up he was upset again. However this time I was able to calm him. He was given pain medication around the clock for 1.5 weeks. I hate that. But my baby was in pain.
A while after he woke up he was willing to eat a popsicle.
He did lots of sleeping. They originally gave us a rocking chair and a crib. We laughed and asked for a bed. There was no way A.J. was going to lay in a crib. No he wanted mom! And he got mom. I held him all day and all night. It was a little tricky sleeping with a baby all hooked up to wires.
This is the next day before we got to head home. The doctors came and took the drainage tube out of his neck. It was adorable because we thought he was sleeping. And once they were done he immediately handed him his left arm with the IV. He wanted that thing out! He hated the IV! He was so happy to get his IV out! He was ready to play as soon as it was out.
On our way home from Children's.
Once we were home he seemed SO much better. He played. He did rest and he was eating okay and drinking fairly well. Unfortunately he ran a fever from the day of surgery until 11 days later. He was doing pretty well until about 6 days after. Then he went back to not feeling well and being very fussy. He wouldn't eat or drink. He lost 2 pounds! I think allot of it was the fever. Once that broke on day 12 he acted so mach happier!
He has had a check up since and everything is looking wonderful! The doctor is very positive that he was able to remove the entire cyst and that it won't grow back. It does happen but I am hoping that this was a one time surgery!
Thanks to everyone who prayed for my little man! We really appreciate it!


  1. So glad it all went well, he is such a gorgeous little boy!!